New Fiction – June 2023

What the Neighbors Saw     /   Adelman, Melissa

Wind Knows My Name     /   Allende, Isabel

Unfortunately Yours     /   Bailey, Tessa

Simply Lies: A Psychological Thriller     /   Baldacci, David

Other Side of Mrs. Wood     /   Barker, Lucy

Walkers of Dembley     /   Beaton, M. C.

First Ladies     /   Benedict, Marie

9th Man     /   Berry, Steve

Girls of Summer     /   Bishop, Katie

Girls and Their Horses     /   Brazier, Eliza Jane

Ciao for Now: A Romantic Comedy     /   Bromley, Kate

Radcliffe Ladies’ Reading Club     /   Bryan Thomas, Julia

Save What’s Left     /   Castellano, Elizabeth

Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea     /   Chang-Eppig, Rita

Where Are the Children Now?     /   Clark, Mary Higgins

Murder Before Evensong: A Canon Clement     /   Coles, The Reverend Richard

Scarecrow     /   Connelly, Michael

All the Sinners Bleed     /   Cosby, S. A.

Talking at Night     /   Daverley, Claire

Spectacular     /   Davis, Fiona

First Bright Thing     /   Dawson, J. R.

Watch Us Shine     /   De Los Santos, Marisa

Dead Man’s Wake     /   Doiron, Paul

Such Kindness     /   Dubus, Andre

Edge of Sleep     /   Emanuel, Jake

Be Mine: A Frank Bascombe Novel     /   Ford, Richard

My Magnolia Summer     /   Frank, Victoria Benton

Newlywed’s Guide to Fortune and Murder     /   Freeman, Dianne

She Started It     /   Gilbert, Sian

Malibu Burning     /   Goldberg, Lee

Dissident     /   Goldberg, Paul

Favor     /   Griffin, Adele

Crow Mary     /   Grissom, Kathleen

Mortal Follies     /   Hall, Alexis

Calculated Whisk     /   Hamilton, Victoria

Drowning Woman     /   Harding, Robyn

Paris Daughter     /   Harmel, Kristin

Siberia Job     /   Haven, Josh

Love, Theoretically     /   Hazelwood, Ali

Night Will Find You     /   Heaberlin, Julia

You Can Trust Me     /   Heard, Wendy

Little Ray of Sunshine     /   Higgins, Kristan

Five-Star Weekend     /   Hilderbrand, Elin

Second Ending     /   Hoffman, Michelle

House of Lincoln     /   Horan, Nancy

In a Hard Wind: A McKenzie Novel     /   Housewright, David

Fatal Illusion     /   Huber, Anna Lee

Love Catastrophe     /   Hunting, Helena

Just a Regular Boy     /   Hyde, Catherine Ryan

Empire: A Novel of the Golden Age     /   Iggulden, Conn

Last Sinner     /   Jackson, Lisa

Missus     /   James, E. L.

Hiss Me Deadly     /   James, Miranda

Loot     /   James, Tania

Survivor     /   Johansen, Iris

Bookshop by the Bay     /   Kelley, Pamela M.

Night’s Edge     /   Kerin, Liz

Starring Adele Astaire     /   Knight, Eliza

Maeve Fly     /   Leede, CJ

You Are Here     /   Lin-Greenberg, Karin

White Cat, Black Dog: Stories     /   Link, Kelly

Happiness Plan     /   Mallery, Susan

Apartment     /   Menendez, Ana

Quiet Tenant     /   Michallon, Clemence

Same Time Next Summer     /   Monaghan, Annabel

Graveyard of Lost Children     /   Monroe, Katrina

Our Place on the Island     /   Montgomery, Erika

I Am Homeless If This Is Not My Home     /   Moore, Lorrie

Charm City Rocks: A Love Story     /   Norman, Matthew

Rachel Incident     /   O’Donoghue, Caroline

People Who Talk to Stuffed Animals Are Nice     /   Omae, Ao

Honeybees and Distant Thunder     /   Onda, Riku

Little Italian Hotel     /   Patrick, Phaedra

Cross Down     /   Patterson, James

Private Moscow     /   Patterson, James

You Were Always Mine     /   Pride, Christine

Inside Threat     /   Quirk, Matthew

Everything’s Fine     /   Rabess, Cecilia

Disappearance in Fiji     /   Rao, Nilima

Devil’s Playground     /   Russell, Craig

Summer’s Gift     /   Ryan, Jennifer

Kingmaker     /   Ryan, Kennedy

Only One Left     /   Sager, Riley

Frugal Wizard’s Handbook  Medieval England     /   Sanderson, Brandon

Last Drop of Hemlock: A Mystery     /   Schellman, Katharine

Most Agreeable Murder     /   Seales, Julia

Lady Tan’s Circle of Women     /   See, Lisa

Famous in a Small Town     /   Shipman, Viola

Charlotte Illes Is Not a Detective     /   Siegel, Katie

Watch Us Dance     /   Slimani, Leila

Nemesis: A Novel of the French Revolution     /   Smith, Wilbur

Palazzo     /   Steel, Danielle

Good Ones     /   Stewart, Polly

First Date Prophecy     /   Tamberelli, Kate

Stolen Child: A Maggie d’Arcy Mystery     /   Taylor, Sarah Stewart

Banyan Moon     /   Thai, Thao

Cafe at Beach End: A Summer Beach Read     /   Thayne, Raeanne

How to Be Remembered     /   Thompson, Michael

Death Comes to Marlow     /   Thorogood, Robert

Fatal Affair     /   Torre, A. R.

Ink Blood Sister Scribe     /   Torzs, Emma

Puzzle Master     /   Trussoni, Danielle

Brightest Star     /   Tsukiyama, Gail

Seven Exes     /   Vine, Lucy

Moon Represents My Heart     /   Wangtechawat, Pim

Zero Days     /   Ware, Ruth

Mythmakers     /   Weir, Keziah

Welcome to Beach Town     /   Wiggs, Susan

Beach at Summerly     /   Williams, Beatriz

My Murder     /   Williams, Katie

Near Miss     /   Woods, Stuart

Holding Pattern     /   Xie, Jenny


It’s in His Kiss: Bridgerton     /   Quinn, Julia

On the Way to the Wedding: Bridgerton     /   Quinn, Julia

To Sir Phillip, with Love: Bridgerton     /   Quinn, Julia 

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