New Children's & Young Adult Books – April 2023

Children's Books

Hamra and the Jungle of Memories     /   Alkaf, Hanna

Twice as Many Friends / El Doble de Amigos     /   Amador, Brian

One and Only Ruby     /   Applegate, Katherine

Police Dogs     /   Argentine, Cynthia

Bake, Make, and Learn to Cook Fun and Healthy Recipes     /   Atherton, David

Bake, Make, and Learn to Cook Vegetarian     /   Atherton, David

Super Cities! Atlanta     /   Bailey, Diane

Super Cities! Memphis     /   Bailey, Diane

Super Parks! Yellowstone National Park     /   Bailey, Diane

Honey Bee (Young Zoologist)     /   Basu, Priyadarshini Chakrabarti

Aaron Slater and the Sneaky Snake     /   Beaty, Andrea

How the Sea Came to Be      /   Berne, Jennifer

Night Tent     /   Blair, Landis

Last Comics on Earth     /   Brallier, Max

Super Cities! New Orleans     /   Buckley Jr, James

Super Cities! San Francisco     /   Buckley Jr, James

Super Cities! Seattle     /   Buckley Jr, James

Super Parks! Grand Canyon     /   Buckley Jr, James

Super Parks! Yosemite National Park     /   Buckley Jr, James

Ways to Make Friends     /   Buitrago, Jairo

Super Cities! Houston     /   Burgan, Michael

Very Hungry Caterpillar Eats Dinner     /   Carle, Eric

Daniel Learns to Swim     /   Cassel Schwartz, Alexandra

Ketanji Brown Jackson: A Justice for All     /   Charles, Tami

Girl Can Build Anything     /   Charlton-Trujillo, E.E.

Fighting for Yes!     /   Cocca-Leffler, Maryann

Super Cities! Portland     /   Collins-Taylor, Cindy

Service Dogs     /   Coupe’, Jessica

Koala (Young Zoologist)     /   Daniels, Chris

Pete the Cat Saves Up     /   Dean, James

Biodiversity     /   Dickmann, Nancy

Climate Change     /   Dickmann, Nancy

Energy     /   Dickmann, Nancy

Natural Resources     /   Dickmann, Nancy

Baby’s First Holi     /   DK

DK Super Readers Level 1 Ponies and Horses     /   DK

DK Super Readers Level 1 Truck Trouble     /   DK

DK Super Readers Level 2 Dinosaur Dinners     /   DK

DK Super Readers Level 2 Snakes Slither and Hiss     /   DK

DK Super Readers Level 2 The Great Panda Tale     /   DK

DK Super Readers Level 4 Dinosaur Detectives     /   DK

DK Super Readers Level 4 Shark Attack     /   DK

DK Super Readers Pre-Level Garden Friends     /   DK

Misty the Cloud: Fun Is in the Air     /   Dreyer, Dylan

How Dinosaurs Went Extinct     /   Dyckman, Ame

Nature Club: A Branches Book (Owl Diaries)     /   Elliott, Rebecca

Human for Kingsley     /   Evans, Gabriel

Lolo Weaver Swims Upstream     /   Farquhar, Polly

Under the Blanket Sky     /   Fischer, Tim

Our Dragon     /   Fox, Mem

We Are Starlings     /   Furrow, Robert

No Is All I Know!     /   Grabenstein, Chris

Mimi and the Boo-Hoo Blahs     /   Grant, Shauna J.

Disney     /   Green, Sara

Lego     /   Green, Sara

Zero Waste Kids     /   Greenfield, Robin

Mighty Bite     /   Hale, Nathan

Party Hearty Kitty Corn     /   Hale, Shannon

Secret Life of the Kraken     /   Harper, Benjamin

Secret Life of the Loch Ness Monster     /   Harper, Benjamin

Secret Life of the Yeti     /   Harper, Benjamin

My Little Pony: Cutie Mark Mix-Up     /   Hasbro

Recycle and Play: Awesome DIY Zero-Waste     /   Hsu, Agnes

Giant Panda (Young Zoologist)     /   Hull, Vanessa

Into the Wild     /   Hunter, Erin

African Elephant (Young Zoologist)     /   Ihwagi Festus W.

Wishing Flower     /   Irving, A. J.

Llama Is Not an Alpaca     /   Jameson, Karen

Meanwhile Back on Earth     /   Jeffers, Oliver

Nothing’s Wrong!: A Hare, a Bear, and Some Pie to Share     /   John, Jory

DK Super Readers Level 1 Star Wars Grogu’s Galaxy     /   Jones, Matt

Shinji Takahashi     /   Kagawa, Julie

Coolest Stuff on Earth     /   Kids, National Geographic

Weird But True Ocean     /   Kids, National Geographic

Nepal     /   Klepeis, Alicia Z.

Lebanon     /   Landon, Menna

Emperor Penguin (Young Zoologist)     /   Larue Michelle

Search and Rescue Dogs     /   Lilley, Matt

Sled Dogs     /   Lilley, Matt

Therapy Dogs     /   Lilley, Matt

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon     /   Lin, Grace

Super Cities! Baltimore     /   MacMillan, Kathy

Extincts: Flight of the Mammoth     /   Magoon, Scott

Venezuela     /   Mata, Nicole E. Rodriguez

El Salvador     /   Mattern, Joanne

India     /   Mattern, Joanne

Iraq     /   Mattern, Joanne

Gustav & Henri: Space Time Cake! (Vol. 1)     /   Matthews, Andy

Gustav & Henri: Tiny Aunt Island (Vol. 2)     /   Matthews, Andy

Pluto!: Not a Planet? Not a Problem!     /   McAnulty, Stacy

Better Together (Disney/Pixar Elemental)     /   McCullough, Kathy

He Made Fun of Me     /   Miller, Connie Colwell

My Best Friend’s New Friend     /   Miller, Connie Colwell

My Friend Embarrassed Me     /   Miller, Connie Colwell

My Friend Won’t Talk to Me     /   Miller, Connie Colwell

My Friends Are Fighting     /   Miller, Connie Colwell

My Friends Spread a Rumor     /   Miller, Connie Colwell

Jackie Ormes Draws the Future     /   Montague, Liz

Weird But True! 4: 350 Outrageous Facts     /   National Geographic Kids

Chinese New Year     /   Nelson, Louise

Christmas     /   Nelson, Louise

Day of the Dead     /   Nelson, Louise

Diwali     /   Nelson, Louise

Eid Al Fitr     /   Nelson, Louise

Hanukkah     /   Nelson, Louise

Sniffer Dogs     /   Norton, Elisabeth

Pollution     /   O’Daly, Anne

Waste     /   O’Daly, Anne

You Are Here: Connecting Flights     /   Oh, Ellen

Herding Dogs     /   Pearson, Marie

Big Nate: Nailed It!: Volume 28     /   Peirce, Lincoln

Big Nate: Next Stop, Superstardom!     /   Peirce, Lincoln

Secret Life of Bigfoot     /   Peterson, Megan Cooley

Secret Life of Mothman     /   Peterson, Megan Cooley

Secret Life of the Chupacabra     /   Peterson, Megan Cooley

Captain Underpants & the Preposterous Plight     /   Pilkey, Dav

Nintendo     /   Polinsky, Paige V.

Star Wars     /   Polinsky, Paige V.

Great Escape! (the Cuphead Show!)     /   Random House

Stories of Bravery! (American Girl)     /   Random House

Graduation Day!     /   Ransom, Candice

Day of the Dead     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Halloween     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Kwanzaa     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Lunar New Year     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Pokemon     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Ramadan     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Saint Patrick’s Day     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Thanksgiving     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Veterans Day     /   Rathburn, Betsy

Rain     /   Rylant, Cynthia

Christmas     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Diwali     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Earth Day     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Easter     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Eid Al Fitr     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Hanukkah     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Independence Day     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Indigenous Peoples’ Day     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Juneteenth     /   Sabelko, Rebecca

Perfect Sushi     /   Satoko Seo, Emily

Labors of Hercules Beal     /   Schmidt, Gary D.

Big Tree     /   Selznick, Brian

Super Cities! Chicago     /   Shulman, Mark

Super Cities! Nashville     /   Shulman, Mark

Punk Rock Unicorn     /   Simpson, Dana

Cambodia     /   Spanier Kristine Mlis

Pakistan     /   Spanier Kristine Mlis

Panama     /   Spanier Kristine Mlis

Runaway Rocket! (Paw Patrol)     /   Stephens, Elle

Earth     /   Storm, Marysa

Jupiter     /   Storm, Marysa

Mars     /   Storm, Marysa

Mercury     /   Storm, Marysa

Neptune     /   Storm, Marysa

Saturn     /   Storm, Marysa

Uranus     /   Storm, Marysa

Venus     /   Storm, Marysa

Kittens Are Monsters!     /   Tan, Susan

My Kingdom of Darkness     /   Tan, Susan

Poodle of Doom     /   Tan, Susan

Parachute Kids: A Graphic Novel     /   Tang, Betty C.

I Survived the Great Chicago Fire, 1871     /   Tarshis, Lauren

Tap! Tap! Tap!: Dance! Dance! Dance!     /   Tullet, Herve

Structural Wonders (Set of 6)     /   Various

Katie the Catsitter #3: Secrets and Sidekicks     /   Venable, Colleen AF

Artist     /   Vere, Ed

That’s My Sweater!     /   Von Innerebner, Jessika

Humpback Whale (Young Zoologist)     /   Vos Asha de

Super Cities! Detroit     /   Walker, Daralynn

Scaredy Squirrel Gets a Surprise     /   Watt, Melanie

Dog Breed Guide: A Complete Reference     /   Weitzman, Gary

Menacing Manor     /   White, Kiersten

Corgi Can     /   Wu, Junyi

Lights That Dance in the Night     /   Zommer, Yuval

Young Adult Books

83 Days in Mariupol: A War Diary     /   Brown, Don

Imogen, Obviously     /   Albertalli, Becky

Flowerheart     /   Bakewell, Catherine

Blood Debts     /   Benton-Walker, Terry J.

Warrior Girl Unearthed     /   Boulley, Angeline

Silver in the Bone     /   Bracken, Alexandra

Breakup from Hell     /   Cardinal, Ann Davila

Royal Blood     /   Carter, Aimee

Reader, I Murdered Him     /   Cornwell, Betsy

Headmaster’s List     /   de la Cruz, Melissa

Boy Who Followed His Father Into Auschwitz     /   Dronfield, Jeremy

Nearer My Freedom     /   Edinger, Monica

Getaway     /   Giles, Lamar

House of El Book Three: The Treacherous Hope     /   Gray, Claudia

Race Against Death: The Greatest POW Rescue     /   Hopkinson, Deborah

Appetite for Miracles     /   Kemp, Laekan Zea

Wake the Bones     /   Kilcoyne, Elizabeth

I’ll Take Everything You Have     /   Klise, James

Sunshine: A Graphic Novel     /   Krosoczka, Jarrett J.

Starlet’s Secret to a Sensational Afterlife     /   Kulper, Kendall

Buffalo Flats     /   Leavitt, Martine

Depths     /   Lesperance, Nicole

Stars and Smoke     /   Lu, Marie

Spell Bound     /   Lukens, F. T.

Memory Eater     /   Mahoney, Rebecca

These Fleeting Shadows     /   Marshall, Kate Alice

Once There Was     /   Monsef, Kiyash

Immeasurable Depth of You     /   Mora, Maria Ingrande

Princess and the Grilled Cheese Sandwich     /   Muniz, Deya

Different for Boys     /   Ness, Patrick

Unfamiliar: Volume 1     /   Newsome, Haley

Craft to Career (Set)     /   Not Available

Solitaire     /   Oseman, Alice

Into the Light     /   Oshiro, Mark

Chasing Pacquiao     /   Pulido, Rod

Wrong Kind of Weird     /   Ramos, James

Man Made Monsters     /   Rogers, Andrea

Harvest House     /   Smith, Cynthia Leitich

No Boy Summer     /   Spalding, Amy

Greywaren (the Dreamer Trilogy #3)     /   Stiefvater, Maggie

¡Ay, Mija! (a Graphic Novel)     /   Suggs, Christine

She Is a Haunting     /   Tran, Trang Thanh

Ralph Azham Vol. 3: You Can’t Stop a River     /   Trondheim, Lewis

Illustrated Edgar Allan Poe     /   Van Cleave, Ryan G.

Illustrated Emily Dickinson     /   Van Cleave, Ryan G.

Illustrated Robert Frost     /   Van Cleave, Ryan G.

In-Between     /  Van Heidrich, Katie

Hungry Ghost     /   Ying, Victoria

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