New Nonfiction Books - April 2023


Benjamin Banneker and Us     /   Webster, Rachel Jamison

Camera Girl: Jackie Bouvier Kennedy     /   Anthony, Carl Sferrazza

Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up     /   Cohen, Andy

Everything All at Once: A Memoir     /   Catudal, Stephanie

Joy of Politics     /   Klobuchar, Amy

King: A Life     /   Eig, Jonathan

Look for Me There     /   Russert, Luke

Our Migrant Souls: A Meditation on Race     /   Tobar, Hector

Renaissance of Our Own     /   Cargle, Rachel E.

Ringmaster: Vince McMahon     /   Riesman, Abraham


When the Heavens Went on Sale     /   Vance, Ashlee


The Search: Finding Meaningful Work     /   Feiler, Bruce


Blockchain Tethered AI     /   Kilroy, Karen

Fancy Bear Goes Phishing     /   Shapiro, Scott J.

Quantum Supremacy     /   Kaku, Michio


Complete Mediterranean Cookbook     /   The Coastal Kitchen

Love Japan: Recipes     /   Okochi, Sawako

Magnolia Table, Volume 3     /   Gaines, Joanna

Mary Berry’s Baking Bible     /   Berry, Mary

Smashed     /   Walton, Adam


Amigurumi Cats: Crochet Sweet Kitties     /   Boutique-Sha

Anyone Can 3D Crochet     /   Simpson, Kristi

Best of Jelly Roll Quilts     /   Lintott, Pam

Brush Pen Calligraphy     /   Higashi, Hamane

Creative Journaling     /   Day, Renee

Creative Stained Glass     /   Springael, Noor

Kawaii Crochet Garden     /   Bradley, Melissa

Make Your Memory: The Modern Crafter’s Guide     /   Evans, Paige


Adjunct Professor’s Complete Guide to Teaching     /   Fredericks, Anthony D.


Everybody Wins: Greatest Board Games     /   Wallis, James

Studio Ghibli: The Complete Works     /   Studio Ghibli

Ultimate Book of Card Games     /   Hervey, George F.

Unlikeable Female Characters     /   Bogutskaya, Anna


School of Hard Talks     /   Kline Phd, Emily


Flawless: Lessons in Looks and Culture     /   Hu, Elise

Little Book of Burberry     /   Gilroy, Darla-Jane


Green Dumb Guide to Houseplants     /   Theisen-Jones, Holly

Seed to Table     /   Ghafari, Luay

Succulent Style: A Gardener’s Guide     /   Hillier, Julia

Graphic Novels

The Worrier’s Guide to Life     /   Correll, Gemma 



Early     /   DiGregorio, Sarah

Glucose Goddess Method: The 4-Week Guide     /   Inchauspe, Jessie

Hot and Bothered: What No One Tells You     /   Dunn, Jancee

Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide and Cookbook     /   Gillaspy, Becky

Taking Care: The Story of Nursing     /   DiGregorio, Sarah

Up to Speed: Groundbreaking Science of Women Athletes     /   Yu, Christine

You Can’t Screw This Up     /   Bornstein, Adam


First Lady of World War II: Eleanor Roosevelt     /   McKenna Schmidt, Shannon

His Majesty’s Airship     /   Gwynne, S. C.

Lincoln’s God     /   Zeitz, Joshua

Russo-Ukrainian War     /   Plokhy, Serhii

To the End of the Earth   /   McManus, John C.

Watchdog     /   Drummond, Steve


Botanical Style: Inspirational Decorating     /   Lake, Selina


It Was an Ugly Couch Anyway     /   Passarella, Elizabeth

Quietly Hostile: Essays     /   Irby, Samantha


Easy English Grammar     /   Dutwin, Phyllis

French Short Stories     /   Moreau, Dylane

Hebrew for Dummies     /   Jacobs, Jill Suzanne

Latin for Dummies     /   Hull, Clifford A.


Letters to a Young Poet     /   Rilke, Rainer Maria

You Are Your Own Fairy Tale     /   Lovelace, Amanda


Cat’s Meow     /   Losos, Jonathan B.

What It Takes to Save a Life: A Veterinarian’s Quest     /   Stewart, Kwane


Natality: Toward a Philosophy of Birth     /   Banks, Jennifer

Political Science

Capitalist Punishment     /   Ramaswamy, Vivek

It’s Ok to Be Angry about Capitalism     /   Sanders, Bernie


Experience Machine     /   Clark, Andy


The Girl Who Saw Heaven     /   Reburn, Lisa


In Search of Perfumes     /   Roques, Dominique

Notes on Complexity: A Scientific Theory     /   Theise, Neil

Size: How It Explains the World     /   Smil, Vaclav

The Jewel Box     /   Blackburn, Tim


September Letters     /   Snow, Brittany

Well-Lived Life     /   McGarey Gladys


Generations     /   Twenge, Jean M.


National Parks Scavenger Hunt     /   Tornio, Stacy

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