New Fiction – May 2023

Practice Makes Perfect     /   Adams, Sarah

Three of Us     /   Agbaje-Williams, Ore

Mill House Murders     /   Ayatsuji, Yukito

Heart Worth Stealing     /   Barker, Joanna

Marrying Off Morgan McBride     /   Barry, Amy

Swamp Story     /   Barry, Dave

No Two Persons     /   Bauermeister, Erica

Murder on Mustang Beach     /   Bessette, Alicia

Nonna Maria and the Case of the Stolen Necklace     /   Carcaterra, Lorenzo

Enchanted Hacienda     /   Cervantes, J. C.

East Indian     /   Charry, Brinda

Flux     /   Chong, Jinwoo

Guest     /   Cline, Emma

Scarlet     /   Cogman, Genevieve

Dances     /   Cuffy, Nicole

Second Shot     /   Dees, Cindy

Famous for a Living     /   Ferguson, Melissa

Meet Me at the Lake     /   Fortune, Carley

Little Flower Shop     /   Foster, Lori

Museum of Ordinary People     /   Gayle, Mike

Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies     /   Goodman, Alison

Late Mrs. Willoughby     /   Gray, Claudia

Tell-Tale Bones     /   Haines, Carolyn

Planes, Trains, and All the Feels     /   Hart, Livy

I Didn’t Do It     /   Hendricks, Jaime Lynn

Jana Goes Wild     /   Heron, Farah

Fixit: An IQ Novel     /   Ide, Joe

Devil’s Gulch     /   Johnstone, William W.

Yellowface     /   Kuang, R. F.

Biography of X     /   Lacey, Catherine

Perilous Times     /   Lee, Thomas D.

Time Has Come     /   Leitch, Will

Friday Night Club     /   Lundberg, Sofia

Paper Names     /   Luo, Susie

Close to Home     /   Magee, Michael

Summer Reading     /   McKinlay, Jenn

Psyche and Eros     /   McNamara, Luna

Liar!     /   Michaels, Fern


Deep Tide     /   Griffin, Laura

Beach Reads Bookshop     /   McClain, Lee Tobin

Mermaid Beach     /   Roberts, Sheila




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