New Nonfiction Books - March 2023


American Ramble/   King, Neil

Beyond the Wand/   Felton, Tom

Birdgirl/   Craig, Mya-Rose

Don’t Tell Anybody the Secrets I Told You   /   Williams, Lucinda

Don’t Think, Dear/   Robb, Alice

Elizabeth & Philip/   Dunlop, Tessa

Family Outing: A Memoir   /   Hempel, Jessi

Forgotten Girls: A Memoir of Friendship    /   Potts, Monica

Honey, Baby, Mine: A Mother and Daughter   /   Dern, Laura

Mistaken for an Empire: A Memoir in Tongues /   Imperial, Christine

Mott Street: A Chinese American Family’s Story/   Chin, Ava

My Cousin Maria Schneider: A Memoir   /   Schneider, Vanessa

You Should Be Grateful/   Tucker, Angela


Murach’s HTML and CSS (5th Edition) /   Boehm, Anne

Teach Yourself Visually HTML and CSS/   Hart-Davis, Guy


Fabulous Modern Cookies /   Arguin, Paul

Hebridean Baker: My Scottish Island Kitchen  /   MacLeod, Coinneach

I’ll Bring the Cake/   Merriman, Mandy

Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat! Official Cookbook/   Theoharis, Tara

Plantifully Lean/   Nelson, Kiki

Sweet Enough: A Dessert Cookbook   /   Roman, Alison

The Perfect Loaf   /   Leo, Maurizio

Y’All Eat Yet?/   Lambert, Miranda


Foolproof Sketching & Painting Techniques for Beginners   /   Kuramae, Tomoko

Leather Art: Molding, Shaping, and Color Techniques/   Wiggins, Cathy

Only Yoking: Top Down Knitting Patterns    /   Putano, Olga

Paint with Thread/   Ferris, Emillie

Pop-Up Embroidery/   Denn, Ashley

Unraveling/   Orenstein, Peggy



Advanced Parenting/   Fradin, Kelly

Hidden Brilliance: Unlocking the Intelligence of Autism/   Koegel, Lynn Kern

It. Goes. So. Fast./   Kelly, Mary Louise


Wigging Out/   Glasscock, Jessica


Tea Gardening for Beginners/   Dimakos, Julia

The Seven-Step Homestead/   Webb, Leah M.

Tiny and Wild/   Gardner, Graham Laird


Adrenal Transformation Protocol/   Wentz, Izabella

Built to Move: The Ten Essential Habits    /   Starrett, Kelly

Fasting Girls: The History of Anorexia /   Brumberg, Joan Jacobs

Holistic Cancer Care: An Herbal Approach   /   Cabrera, Chanchal

If It Sounds Like a Quack…/   Hongoltz-Hetling, Matthew

Is This Normal?/   Brighten, Jolene

Rehabilitate, Rewire, Recover!: Anorexia   /   Farrar, Tabitha

What’s Eating Us/   Kazdin, Cole

When Your Teen Has an Eating Disorder /   Muhlheim, Lauren


Fever in the Heartland: The Ku Klux Klan   /   Egan, Timothy

Index, A History of the: A Bookish Adventure   /   Duncan, Dennis

Knowing What We Know: The Transmission of Knowledge   /   Winchester, Simon

The Queen and the Mistress   /   Hollman, Gemma

The Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny and Murder/   Grann, David

The Wounded World: W. E. B. Du Bois /   Williams, Chad L.


Alexandra Petri’s US History/   Petri, Alexandra 


Like, Literally, Dude/   Fridland, Valerie


Inciting Joy: Essays    /   Gay, Ross

Write for Your Life     /   Quindlen, Anna


Once Upon a Prime /   Hart, Sarah


A Wing and a Prayer /   Gyllenhaal, Anders

Backyard Chicken Keeper’s Bible /   Ford, Jessica


Tell Me What You Want/   Weber, Charlotte Fox


Teatime Discipleship: Sharing Faith /   Clarkson, Sally

Traveling Light /   Lucado, Max


Black Holes/   Cox, Brian

The Language of Trees/   Holten, Katie

The Possibility of Life/   Green, Jaime

Under Alien Skies/   Plait, Philip


Life in Five Senses/   Rubin, Gretchen

Own Your Morning: Reset Your A.M. Routine   /   Plosser, Liz Baker

Quitting: A Life Strategy/   Keller, Julia

Real Life  /   Salzberg, Sharon

The Greatness Mindset/   Howes, Lewis


Momfluenced /   Petersen, Sara


Pickleball for Beginners: Tips and Tricks   /   Milton, Maxine


America the Beautiful?/   Roberson, Blythe

True Crime

There Will Be Fire   /   Carroll, Rory

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