New Fiction – April 2023

Paper Cuts: An Enchanting Cozy Mystery     /   Adams, Ellery

Chain Gang All Stars     /   Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame

Black Girls Must Have It All     /   Allen, Jayne

Hard Rain     /   Allen, Samantha Jayne

Simply Lies: A Psychological Thriller     /   Baldacci, David

Way Home: Two Novellas     /   Beagle, Peter S.

House Is on Fire     /   Beanland, Rachel

One for My Enemy     /   Blake, Olivie

Dirty Laundry     /   Bose, Disha

House of Cotton     /   Brashears, Monica

Seven Girls Gone     /   Brennan, Allison

Mansion for Murder: A Kate Shackleton Mystery     /   Brody, Frances

Five Sorrowful Mysteries of Andy Africa     /   Buoro, Stephen

Mastering the Art of French Murder     /   Cambridge, Colleen

Breakneck: A Captivating Novel of Suspense     /   Cameron, Marc

Sea Change     /   Chung, Gina

Cuban Heiress     /   Cleeton, Chanel

Fire Rush     /   Crooks, Jacqueline

Where Coyotes Howl     /   Dallas, Sandra

Ana Maria and the Fox     /   De La Rosa, Liana

My Heart Will Find You     /   Deveraux, Jude

Moorewood Family Rules     /   Dimon, Helenkay

Her Deadly Game     /   Dugoni, Robert

Plus One     /   Eddings, Mazey

City Walls     /   Estleman, Loren D.

Last Heir to Blackwood Library     /   Fox, Hester

Trackers     /   Frazier, Charles

Twice Cursed: An Anthology     /   Gaiman, Neil

Shadow of Death     /   Graham, Heather

Death by Chocolate Marshmallow Pie     /   Graves, Sarah

Last Remains: A Mystery     /   Griffiths, Elly

Hestia Strikes a Match     /   Grillo, Christine

Who Cries for the Lost     /   Harris, C. S.

Instructor: A Derek Harrington Novel     /   Hendricks, T. R.

Happy Place     /   Henry, Emily

Soulmate     /   Hepworth, Sally

Way of the Bear     /   Hillerman, Anne

This Bird Has Flown     /   Hoffs, Susanna

Secret Service of Tea and Treason     /   Holton, India

Robert Ludlum’s the Treadstone Rendition     /   Hood, Joshua

Heart Bones     /   Hoover, Colleen

Never Never: A Twisty, Angsty Romance     /   Hoover, Colleen

At the Hour Between Dog and Wolf     /   Ison, Tara

With My Little Eye     /   Jackson, Joshilyn

Audrey Hepburn Estate     /   Janowitz, Brenda

Daisy Jones & the Six (TV Tie-in Edition)     /   Jenkins Reid, Taylor

You Know Her     /   Jennett, Meagan

Yours Truly     /   Jimenez, Abby

Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho     /   Joseph, Paterson

Golden Doves     /   Kelly, Martha Hall

For You and Only You     /   Kepnes, Caroline

In the Lives of Puppets     /   Klune, Tj

Pomegranate     /   Lee, Helen Elaine

Small Mercies     /   Lehane, Dennis

Portrait of a Thief     /   Li, Grace D.

Enigma of Garlic: 44 Scotland Street     /   McCall Smith, Alexander

Housemaid     /   McFadden, Freida

Sisters of the Lost Nation     /   Medina, Nick

Mother of the Bride Murder     /   Meier, Leslie

Only the Beautiful     /   Meissner, Susan

Alaska     /   Michener, James A.

In the Orchard     /   Minot, Eliza

Only Survivors     /   Miranda, Megan

Homecoming     /   Morton, Kate

Blind Spots     /   Mullen, Thomas

Murder Under a Red Moon     /   Nagendra, Harini

Seaside Library     /   Novak, Brenda

Take What You Need     /   Novey, Idra

Do-Over     /   Park, Suzanne

Rescue     /   Parker, T. Jefferson

Things I Wish I Told My Mother     /   Patterson, Susan

London Seance Society     /   Penner, Sarah

Fourth Enemy: A Daniel Pitt Novel     /   Perry, Anne

It Falls Gently All Around and Other Stories     /   Reeves, Ramona

Standing in the Shadows     /   Robinson, Peter

Society of Shame     /   Roper, Jane

Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl     /   Rosen, Renée

Victory City     /   Rushdie, Salman

Tress of the Emerald Sea     /   Sanderson, Brandon

Dark Angel     /   Sandford, John

Loyalty     /   Scottoline, Lisa

If We’re Being Honest     /   Shook, Cat

Romantic Comedy     /   Sittenfeld, Curtis

Symphony of Secrets     /   Slocumb, Brendan

Silver Alert     /   Smith, Lee

Beyond That, the Sea     /   Spence-Ash , Laura

Camp Zero     /   Sterling, Michelle Min

Eden Test     /   Sternbergh, Adam

Saturday Night at the Lakeside Supper Club     /   Stradal, J. Ryan

We Love to Entertain     /   Strohmeyer, Sarah

I’ll Stop the World     /   Thoman, Lauren

Strawberry Lane     /   Thomas, Jodi

Heart of the Nile     /   Thomas, Will

Murder on Bedford Street     /   Thompson, Victoria

To Swoon and to Spar     /   Waters, Martha

Night Angel Nemesis     /   Weeks, Brent

Adelaide     /   Wheeler, Genevieve

In Memoriam     /   Winn, Alice

City of Dreams     /   Winslow, Don

Four Treasures of the Sky     /   Zhang, Jenny Tinghui


Witch Way Out     /   Conte, Cate

Revengers     /   McCauley, Terrence

Curds of Prey: A Cheese Shop Mystery     /   Moss, Korina

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