New Fiction Books - March 2023

Not That Kind of Ever After     /   Adams, Luci

Old God’s Time     /   Barry, Sebastian

Earth’s the Right Place for Love     /   Berg, Elizabeth

I Love It When You Lie: A Suspense Novel     /   Bird, Kristen

Queen’s Price     /   Bishop, Anne

Night Flight to Paris     /   Black, Cara

Lost Americans     /   Bollen, Christopher

All That Is Hidden: A Molly Murphy Mystery     /   Bowen, Rhys

Clytemnestra     /   Casati, Costanza

Birnam Wood     /   Catton, Eleanor

Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi     /   Chakraborty, Shannon

Play the Fool: A Mystery     /   Chern, Lina

Lemon Curd Killer     /   Childs, Laura

House on Mulberry Street     /   Chin, Jeannie

Lies I Tell     /   Clark, Julie

Farewell Tour     /   Clifford, Stephanie

I Will Find You     /   Coben, Harlan

Lessons at the School by the Sea     /   Colgan, Jenny

Community Board     /   Conklin, Tara

Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun     /   Cosimano, Elle

How I’ll Kill You     /   DeStefano, Ren

Forget What You Know     /   Dodd, Christina

Off the Map     /   Doller, Trish

Those Empty Eyes     /   Donlea, Charlie

Most Intriguing Lady     /   Ferguson, Sarah

What Have We Done     /   Finlay, Alex

Fun Widow’s Book Tour     /   Fishman, Zoe

Ellie Is Cool Now     /   Fulton, Victoria

Maame     /   George, Jessica

Daughters of Nantucket     /   Gerstenblatt, Julie

Murder for the Books     /   Gilbert, Victoria

Shelved Under Murder     /   Gilbert, Victoria

Theory of (Not Quite) Everything     /   Gnodde, Kara

Red Queen     /   Gomez-Jurado, Juan

Sam     /   Goodman, Allegra

Exiles     /   Harper, Jane

Weyward     /   Hart, Emilia

Great Reclamation     /   Heng, Rachel

God of Endings     /   Holland, Jacqueline

Indiana, Indiana     /   Hunt, Laird

Pineapple Street     /   Jackson, Jenny

Our Best Intentions     /   Jain, Vibhuti

Now You See Us     /   Jaswal, Balli Kaur

What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez     /   Jimenez, Claire

Lost English Girl     /   Kelly, Julia

Curator     /   King, Owen

House with Good Bones     /   Kingfisher, T.

All That Is Mine I Carry with Me     /   Landay, William

American Mermaid     /   Langbein, Julia

Donut Legion     /   Lansdale, Joe R.

Last Russian Doll     /   Loesch, Kristen

Thirst for Salt     /   Lucas, Madelaine

Just One More     /   Lyon, Annette

Sister Effect     /   Mallery, Susan

Golden Spoon     /   Maxwell, Jessa

Brother & Sister Enter the Forest     /   Mirabella, Richard

Hello Beautiful     /   Napolitano, Ann

Dust Child     /   Nguyen, Mai Phan Que

Love Wager     /   Painter, Lynn

Human Origins of Beatrice Porter    /   Palmer, Soraya

Raven Thief: A Secret Staircase Mystery     /   Pandian, Gigi

Kaikeyi     /   Patel, Vaishnavi

Wandering Souls     /   Pin, Cecile

Sinister Revenge     /   Raybourn, Deanna

Johanna Porter Is Not Sorry     /   Read, Sara

Go as a River     /   Read, Shelley

One of Us Is Dead     /   Rose, Jeneva

Cold-Blooded Liar     /   Rose, Karen

Good Dog, Bad Cop: A K Team Novel     /   Rosenfelt, David

Once We Were Home     /   Rosner, Jennifer

Kunstlers in Paradise     /   Schine, Cathleen

Above Ground     /   Smith, Clint

Worthy Opponents     /   Steel, Danielle

He Said He Would Be Late     /   Sullivan, Justine

Kind Worth Saving     /   Swanson, Peter

Tempest at Sea     /   Thomas, Sherry

Her Lost Words: Mary Wollstonecraft     /   Thornton, Stephanie Marie

Strangers in the Night     /   Webb, Heather

Foxglove King     /   Whitten, Hannah

Wedding at Moonglow Bay     /   Wilde, Lori

Two Wars and a Wedding     /   Willig, Lauren

Decent People     /   Winslow, De’shawn Charles

White Lady     /   Winspear, Jacqueline

Twelve Months and a Day     /   Young, Louisa


Dangerous One     /   Foster, Lori

Getting Even     /   Jackson, Lisa

Primer and Punishment     /   Kelly, Diane



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