New Fiction – March 2021

The Dark Heart of Florence / Alexander, Tasha
The Arsonists’ City / Alyan, Hala
The Windsor Knot / Bennett, SJ
The Outside Man / Bentley, Don
Off the Wild Coast of Brittany / Blackwell, Juliet
The Restoration of Celia Fairchild / Bostwick, Marie
Tell No Lies / Brennan, Allison
The Lowering Days / Brown, Gregory
All Consuming / Burton, Jaci
Half Life / Cantor, Jillian
The Good, the Bad, and the Dumped / Colgan, Jenny
A Game of Cones / Collette, Abby
Braced for Love / Connealy, Mary
The Scapegoat / Davis, Sara
All That Really Matters / Deese, Nicole
The Vietri Project / Derobertis-Theye, Nicola
The Dating Plan / Desai, Sara
Float Plan / Doller, Trish
Love Like That / Duffy-Comparone, Emma
Her Dark Lies / Ellison, J.T.
The Eagle and the Viper / Estleman, Loren
Back in the Burbs / Flynn, Avery
Gathering Dark / Fox, Candice
The Baddest Girl on the Planet / Frese, Heather
The Conductors / Glover, Nicole
Raft of Stars / Graff, Andrew
The Recent East / Grattan, Thomas
The PostScript Murders / Griffiths, Elly
Abundance / Guanzon, Jakob
Blackberry Beach / Hannon, Irene
Good Eggs / Hardiman, Rebecca
Cherished / Hardt, Helen
Accidentally Engaged / Heron, Farah
The Phone Booth at the Edge of the World / Imai Messina, Laura
Maybe One Day / Johnson, Debbie
Later / King, Stephen
Red Island House / Lee, Andrea
Too Good to be True / Lovering, Carola
A Question Mark is Half a Heart / Lundberg, Sofia
A Court of Silver Flames / Maas, Sarah
The Jigsaw Man / Matheson, Nadine
The Stills / Montgomery, Jess
The Hiding Place / Munier, Paula
The Memory Collectors / Neville, Kim
The Palm Beach Murders / Patterson, James
The Red Book / Patterson, James
Three Perfect Liars / Perks, Heidi
Brood / Polzin, Jackie
A Man at Arms / Pressfield, Steven
The Rose Code / Quinn, Kate
The Sun Sister / Riley, Lucinda
The Beirut Protocol / Rosenberg, Joel
The Ladies of the Secret Circus / Sayers, Constance
Lost, Found, and Forever / Schade, Victoria
My Old Home / Schell, Orville
All the Murmuring Bones / Slatter, AG
The Sweet Taste of Muscadines / Terry, Pamela
Path to Sunshine Cove / Thayne, RaeAnne
There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job / Tsumura, Kikuko
Are We There Yet? / West, Kathleen
Valentine / Wetmore, Elizabeth
We Begin at the End / Whitaker, Chris
Band of Sisters / Willig, Lauren
The Art of Losing / Zeniter, Alice

Large Print
The Four Winds / Hannah, Kristin
The Red Book / Patterson, James
The Rose Code / Quinn, Kate
Band of Sisters / Willig, Lauren

The Paris Library / Charles, Janet Skeslien
Her Dark Lies / Ellison, J.T.
The Ladies of the Secret Circus / Sayers, Constance
Path to Sunshine Cove / Thayne, RaeAnne

The Devil in Her Bed / Byrne, Kerrigan
Fatal Fried Rice / Chien, Vivien
Dream a Little Dream / Curtis, Melinda
Long Island Iced Tina / DiRico, Maria
Hop ‘til You Drop / Griffin, JM
Murder at the Beacon Bakeshop / Hannah, Darci
The Girl and the Stars / Lawrence, Mark
Welcome to Serenity / Woods, Sherryl
Secrets from a Happy Marriage / Yates, Maisey

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