Book Review: Animal Wise

Have you ever thought about what was going on in the mind of your pet dog, a wild elephant, or even an ant scurrying through the grass? We may never know the exact thoughts of these and other creatures, but scientists have discovered that there’s a lot going on in the minds of these animals.

Virginia Morell’s book focuses on what science has discovered about the minds of ten different types of animals including ants, fish, rats, elephants, dolphins, chimpanzees, and dogs. To find this information, she traveled the world, spending time with some of the researchers who work with these animals. Morell learned that characteristics such as memory, feelings, self-awareness, and personality can be found throughout the animal kingdom, and not just in humans, as many scientists previously thought. For example, rats enjoy being tickled, which makes them giggle. Dolphins are able to recognize themselves in mirrors. Chimpanzees grieve for their dead. Even animals as simple as fruit flies have been found to have the basis of a personality.

In short, if you are interested in animals and what they may be thinking, Animal Wise is definitely a worthwhile read.

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Reviewed by: BrieAnn

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